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Risk Management

NBT Gains gets into the process of identification, analysis and acceptance or mitigation of uncertainty in investment decisions.

NBT Gains your personal risk manager analyzes and attempts to quantify the potential for losses in an investment and then takes the appropriate action over investment objectives and risk tolerance.

We know that inadequate risk management can result in severe consequences for companies as well as individuals, so our risk managers throughs all the investments done by the investor into bonds, stocks, mutual funds as well as analyses the potential returns and optimises maximum toor the investors benefit.

Along with the gains, glitches are also a part of every investment. Having a totally risk free investment may only be a dream. Hence at NBT Gains we get into a detailed analysis of the process of identification of your investment assets, and also take care of mitigation of uncertainty in your areas of investment.

An inappropriate and foolproof/infallible risk management may leave you no choice but to face the grave consequences of faulty investment decisions. And hence, we provide personal risk management services to individuals as well as companies, wherein we thoroughly scrutinize the investments in Bonds, Stocks as well as Mutual Funds and bring out the investment options holding the highest potential of returns with lowest possible risk factors. Because we understand that your hard earned money means a lot to you and we want your money to grow without the risk of incurring losses.


Portfolio Management

NBT Gains masters the art and science of Portfolio Management. This involves making decisions about investment, striking a balance between investments and objectives, asset allocation for individuals as well as institutions and minimizing the risk against performance/returns.

We determine the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in various arenas of investment by evaluating debt vs equity, domestic vs international, growth vs safety and many other trade-offs encountered in an attempt to maximize returns as against the given appetite for risk.

Under the hood of Portfolio Management NBT Gains Serves you:

  •   Asset Allocation

  •   Diversification

  •   Rebalancing


Financial Planning

Planning for the future is inevitable in order to achieve certain life goals. Whether it is buying a new property or funding your child’s education or setting up a new business or planning for your retirement. All of these can be accomplished only by proper evaluation of ones financial status followed by systematic Financial Planning, so that one can reap it’s benefits in future.

At NBT Gains we adhere to a very strategic process and help you plan your finances by taking into consideration your current financial footing and then sketching up an apt financial plan which leads you to the path of your desired future dreams.

Our Financial Planning strategy involves the following process:

  •   Establishing a friendly and unambiguous relationship with the client.

  •   Understanding and analysing the financial status of the client

  •   Developing and presenting the most appropriate Financial Planning recommendations and/or alternatives

  •   Implementation of the strategies and plans

  •   Monitoring the implemented Financial Plans for ensuring the best results.


Tax Planning

Tax Planning aids a tax payer in making the best use of the various tax exemptions, deductions and benefits in order to minimize his/her tax liability at the end of the financial year.

Our Tax Planning experts analyse your financial situation from a tax efficiency point of view so as to ease your tax woes. And also while doing so we do ensure that our recommendations cohere with the legal laws so that you are not condemned for offences like tax evasion or avoidance.


Retirement Planning

Trust us today for a better tomorrow!

Do not spend the twilight years of your life in financial agonies. Plan your retirement with NBT Gains for a secured and worry free retiral. We will make sure that you enjoy your life to the fullest even after you stop earning. So start saving today and carve a better tomorrow with NBT Gains.


Child Future Planning

Securing the future of the children is the goal of every parent. But everything comes with a price tag. Especially education, the cost of which is booming up with ever passing year. So to be able to cater to your child’s future needs, you must start saving today.

At NBT Gains we help you etch out the best Child Future Planning Policy which is not too heavy on your pockets and at the same time also helps you save a reasonable sum for your child’s educational and other needs. Opt us to help you with your finances, and you will never have to panic because of monetary woes during the crucial times of your life.

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