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Risk: Damage to the house due to fire or any other jeopardy.

Home Insurance consists of two sections:

Section I: Covers the house itself (Structure).
Section II: Covers the contents of your house. This includes electronics, furniture & fixtures, fixed plate glasses, baggage etc.

Probable Loss

Damage to home structure or the household commodities, if not insured, may lead you to incur heavy financial losses.

Why Home / Property Insurance ?

Home insurance covers many probable threats such as theft, fire, earthquake, lightning, storm, vandalism and a few others. Also you may insure any home or property under this insurance. Whether it is the property you are living in or whether it is a secondary home. Hence taking up an appropriate Home Insurance cover, releases you from the perturbations of any threat or damage to your home.

What does it covers?

Home Insurance consists of two sections as follows:

Section I: This insurance mainly covers the structure of the house and its surroundings. This may include the main structure, the compound wall and wiring and sanitation. Any losses to these structures can be claimed under this insurance.

Section II: This insurance covers the objects and articles inside the house. This includes electronics, furniture and fixtures, fixed plate glasses, baggage,etc.

The insurance cover amount is arrived at by multiplying the square feet area and the prevalent cost of construction per square feet.

Home Insurance provides covers against hazards like fire, lightning, explosion of gas, cyclone, impact/aircraft damage, subsidence of land/rock slides, bursting or overflowing of water tanks, apparatus or pipes, earthquake, terrorist activities, burglary & house breaking, larceny or theft, risk of loss of jewellery & valuables due to accident or any mishap anywhere in India.


  •   Public / Civil Wars

  •   Depreciation and Wear & Tear

  •   Consequential Losses

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